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Edge Thickness Reduction Through Lenticularization
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Custom Digital Lenses
K Optical is now processing lenses with a lenticularization option. We are proud to offer this technology to provide your patients with the thinnest possible and aesthetically pleasing lenses made with state-of-the-art technology.
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Lenticularization is a process developed to minimize the thickness and weight of lenses.

The user defines an optimal region around the fitting cross call the optical area. Outside this region, the Lenticularization reduces the thickness with a gradual change in curvature, resulting in a thinner lens at the edge for minus lenses and thinner in the center for plus lenses.

The optical area is a zone where the optical quality is optimum. A lenticular effect saves this area for optical vision and modifies the curvature of the lens outside the saved zone to reduce thickness. The relationship between the diameter selected and obtained result is simple: The smaller the optical area is, the more the thickness can be improved.

Availability: Single Vision, Digital SV, Perspective Digital Progressive

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Optical Area Default Diameters: 35, 40, 45, and 50 mm

The Optical Area can also be elliptical or adjusted to match the shape of the frame. (see below)

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K Optical can use a frame tracing to create a custom lenticular shape that matches your patient’s frame. We automatically calculate the design with a 5mm halo, but custom halo values are available. This eliminates the need to select an optical bowl diameter, proving thickness reduction adapted for each frame.